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Q4 2022

The Future of Decentralized Trading

Veax is an advanced, single-sided liquidity management DEX 🚀 Powered by Near blockchain.

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What is

VEAX is built differently, with different goals than other DEXs

The DEX landscape is undergoing a serious growth phase with a lot of new protocols launched primarily on Ethereum, but not a lot of innovation or focus across other chains.  

Veax is different. Not a copy of Uniswap.

Most new DEXs are straight copies of existing DEXs without variation or invention. “Hype and wipe” projects come up again and again; longevity is not a priority for most. DEXs don’t talk about upgrade cycles, version migration, integrity and security at the beginning. Veax do.

Veax DEX is built by a team experienced in trading many different products, before and since the advent of cryptocurrency, and a team of advisors with real experience in DEX mathematics and algorithms working at leading universities.

Veax is a single-sided cross-chain AMM DEX offering advanced liquidity management, margin & derivative trading and a number of other TradFi features in a non-custodial manner.

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