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Release date
Q2 2023

The Future of Decentralized Trading

Veax is an advanced multi-fee level, concentrated liquidity AMM DEX.

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What is

VEAX is built differently, with different goals than other DEXs

Advanced single-sided liquidity management DEX built on NEAR

We have built Veax to significantly upgrade the power of decentralized cryptocurrency trading by re-thinking proven, successful TradFi concepts and bringing them to DeFi for the first time.


  • Manage liquidity across pools and maximize returns.
  • Familiar charting UX.
  • Adaptable liquidity pools allow projects to add additional incentives to encourage LPs.

The Most Powerful DEX built on NEAR

Near Protocol has a well-developed layer-1 platform. By incorporating sharding via Nightshade and deploying the DoomSlug block production algorithm, Near has built a secure and highly scalable platform. However, despite having a powerful layer-1, Near’s DeFi ecosystem has always struggled to get enough TVL.

Even at its peak in May 2022, Near’s TVL barely scratched $500 million. Despite repeated attempts to kickstart Near with the USN stablecoin and an $800 million development fund, the DeFi ecosystem is relatively stagnant.

At Tacans, we realized the true potential of the Near blockchain. We knew that Near needed a proper DEX protocol to unlock network liquidity. This is why we decided to launch Veax on Near. We believe that a Veax has the capabilities as a DEX to leave a significant impact on Near’s ecosystem. Our product is built by a team experienced in trading many different products before and since the advent of cryptocurrency and a team of advisors with real experience in DEX mathematics and algorithms working at leading universities.

Note: Tacans has been contracted as the software developer for the Veax project. Our commitment includes providing ad-hoc technical assistance as needed throughout the project lifecycle.

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