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Release date
Q2 2023

The Future of Decentralized Trading

Veax is an advanced, single-sided liquidity management DEX built on NEAR Protocol.

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What is

VEAX is built differently, with different goals than other DEXs

Advanced single-sided liquidity management DEX built on NEAR

We have built Veax to significantly upgrade the power of decentralized cryptocurrency trading by re-thinking proven, successful TradFi concepts and bringing them to DeFi for the first time.


  • Manage liquidity across pools and maximize returns.
  • Familiar orderbook-style UX.
  • DeFi derivatives market with proper margin trading.
  • Adaptable liquidity pools allow projects to add additional incentives to encourage LPs.

The Most Powerful DEX built on NEAR

NEAR Protocol has a well-developed layer-1 platform. By incorporating sharding via Nightshade and deploying the DoomSlug block production algorithm, NEAR has built a secure and highly scalable platform. However, despite having a powerful layer-1, NEAR’s DeFi ecosystem has always struggled to get enough TVL.

Even at its peak in May 2022, NEAR’s TVL barely scratched $500 million. Despite repeated attempts to kickstart NEAR with the USN stablecoin and an $800 million development fund, the DeFi ecosystem is relatively stagnant.

At Tacans, we realized the true potential of the NEAR blockchain. We knew that NEAR needed a proper DEX protocol to unlock network liquidity. This is why we decided to launch Veax on NEAR. We believe that a Veax has the capabilities as a DEX to leave a significant impact on NEAR’s ecosystem. Our product is built by a team experienced in trading many different products before and since the advent of cryptocurrency and a team of advisors with real experience in DEX mathematics and algorithms working at leading universities.

Versatile DEX To Power DeFi

DeFi needs Perps, Futures, and Options on-chain. With Veax, Tacans Labs is bringing a suite of margin and prime brokerage tools to DeFi. True margin trading means correlated positions offset risk and utilize significantly less margin. Initially, Veax will create a lending market that will support on-chain leveraged trades to support perp trading on NEAR. We will create a prime brokerage system for sponsorship, greater leverage, and full on-chain derivatives trading.

Along with margin trading, Veax offers contracted liquidity which includes several advantages like low fees and fast trade execution due to the large amounts of capital provided by a small number of liquidity providers. With single-sided orders, LPs can provide liquidity for one token and earn yield.

Tacans Labs truly believes that the impact Veax could have NEAR is similar to the one PancakeSwap has had on the Binance Chain.

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