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Release date
Q2 2023

Bringing advanced single-sided liquidity to MultiversX

DX25 is an advanced decentralized exchange built on the MultiversX blockchain

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What is

A Powerful New DeFi Universe Built on MultiversX

Bringing advanced single-sided liquidity to MultiversX

DX25 is driven by one singular vision - to create the most powerful DEX across all the worlds in the multiverse. Unlock liquidity for your apps and maximize your DeFi experience with a multitude of trading and yield-earning opportunities unlocking the true potential of MultiversX.


  • Manage liquidity across pools and maximize returns.
  • Familiar orderbook-style UX.
  • DeFi derivatives market with proper margin trading.
  • Adaptable exchange pools allow projects to add additional incentives to encourage LPs.

A Powerful New DeFi Universe Built on MultiversX

MultiversX uses a layer-1 scalability technique called “sharding” to achieve such high speeds. Sharding breaks down the blockchain’s state into smaller, manageable fragments called “shards.” These shards could be processed simultaneously in parallel, greatly increasing overall network throughput. Of course, sharding isn’t limited to MultiversX — platforms like Ziliqa already use sharding. However, what makes MultiversX different is that it implements three different types of sharding — state, transaction, and network.

DX25 has been specifically designed to be the ideal gateway to DeFi for MultiversX users. It provides an innovative market that supports staking, swapping, and derivatives. The platform brings in several exciting innovations that could position it as the premier DEX of the MultiversX ecosystem. Primary among these innovations is the concept of ‘multiple fee levels.’

At Tacans, we realized the potential of the MultiversX blockchain. We believe that a DX25 has the capabilities as a DEX to leave a significant impact in the MultiversX ecosystem. Our product is built by a team experienced in trading many different products before and since the advent of cryptocurrency and a team of advisors with real experience in DEX mathematics and algorithms working at leading universities.

A Comprehensive Suite of Features

DeFi needs Perps, Futures, and Options on-chain. With DX25, Tacans Labs is bringing a suite of margin and prime brokerage tools to DeFi. True margin trading means correlated positions offset risk and utilize significantly less margin. Initially, DX25 will create a lending market that will support on-chain leveraged trades to support perp trading on MultiversX. We will create a prime brokerage system for sponsorship, greater leverage, and full on-chain derivatives trading.

Along with margin trading, DX25 offers contracted liquidity which includes several advantages like low fees and fast trade execution due to the large amounts of capital provided by a small number of liquidity providers. With single-sided orders, LPs can provide liquidity for one token and earn yield.

Note: Tacans has been contracted as the software developer for the DX25 project. We are poised to deliver ongoing ad-hoc technical support to address the project's unique requirements effectively.

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