About Tacans
Mission & Strategy

Our mission. To build the future economy of blockchain by creating, investing and buying promising Web3.0 companies.

About Tacans


Tacans, the venture builder founded in 2021 by Lars Seier Christensen & Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, operates primarily in the areas of web3.0 and venture capital. What we do is build strong companies with the use of the blockchain technology, irrespective of the sector and industry. We believe blockchain technology can and will create a better future for generations to come.

Venture building

A venture builder is likened to a fast-paced tech startup, where its product is the venture, the prototype is the business model, and deliverables means perfect and timely deployment. In this context, the venture builder is essentially a startup that builds startups and should be run as such.

By applying blockchain technology to existing or new business models, we believe we can help shape a better future. We are only creating, investing or buying companies with a regulatory-compliant design and we have a strong preference towards companies utilizing the Concordium blockchain due to its regulatory-first approach.

We focus on industries and sectors where blockchain can make a real difference, such as finance, healthcare, logistics and more.

We believe the blockchain revolution reflects massive market opportunities. The current move from web2.0 to web3.0 creates opportunities for creating and building companies, unlike anything seen since the inception of the internet.

Why work with Tacans

Building the future
financial services


Transforming ideas.

We have a proven track record of shaping ideas previously not seen in web3 into realistic, actionable plans.


Building solutions.

Our team consists of several subject-matter experts, enabling a high level of competency across the full team and projects we work with.


Investing in growth.

We do not just bring knowledge and know-how to the table, we also invest in our portfolio companies and help writing investment decks and fundraise.

What we bring to the table
OUR MAIN capabilities

A venture studio run in an agile and lean manner, with a high level of competency.


Software Development

Crafting tailored, innovative applications to optimize financial operations and enhance the functionality of blockchain-based systems.

Cloud Service

Harnessing secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure to support data storage, computing, and processing needs in the fintech and banking sectors.

Platform Development

Designing and building intuitive, seamless platforms that facilitate cross-border payments, digital asset management, and frictionless financial transactions.

Blockchain & Dlt Solutions

Implementing distributed ledger technology to enable secure, transparent, and efficient solutions for financial services, remittance, and digital asset management.

UI/UX  Design

Creating user-centric interfaces and experiences to simplify and streamline interactions with complex financial tools and blockchain applications.

Big Data & Analytics

Utilizing advanced data analysis techniques to uncover actionable insights, optimize financial decision-making, and predict trends in the evolving fintech and blockchain ecosystems.