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Release date
October 2021

CryptoX Wallet is the first crypto wallet on Concordium blockchain that is able to connect to decentralized apps.

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What is

The Most Advanced Mobile Wallet on Concordium

CryptoX is the first and only dedicated mobile wallet for the Concordium (CCD) blockchain that supports connections to dApps utilizing the Concordium blockchain ecosystem.

With the CryptoX Wallet, crypto transactions are easy and secure!

The CryptoX Wallet allows users to:

• Create digital identities and an account via an identity provider (IDP)

• Create additional accounts with digital identities

• Send and receive CCD, both via regular and shielded transfers

• Check account balances, both public and private

• Transfer CCD between balances (from public to private and from private to public)

• Check staked CCD balance (only for bakers)

• Check CCD release schedule (only for buyers)

• Manage addresses in the address book for fast and easy transactions

• Export and import backups of your accounts, identities, address book, and keys

Tacans is an early investor in the CryptoX wallet.

Building on an institutional-grade, regulatory ready blockchain ecosystem

CryptoX was developed for the Concordium blockchain ecosystem. Concordium is a public-layer 1 blockchain ecosystem designed to balance privacy and accountability with a unique identity layer that ensures user identities are verified, making it one of the world’s first regulatory-ready blockchains.

Note: Tacans AG was an early investor in Pioneering Technology Ventures (, the developer of CryptoX wallet, but did not develop or publish the app, nor own a majority interest in the firm.

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