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Release date
Q2 2023

Concordex is the first DEX on Concordium blockchain. Launching in Q2 2023.

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What is

Concordex powered by Concordium

A DEX For The Institutions

Earn, swap, and leverage on the most innovative platform built on the most regulatory-ready blockchain. Always yield the best returns. 


  • Built on Concordium – a blockchain designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer.
  • Regulatory-ready decentralized trading experience.
  • Manage liquidity across pools and maximize returns.
  • DeFi derivatives market with proper margin trading.

The Most Institutionally Capable DEX Ever Built

Concordex is built on the Concordium blockchains, which aims to fix the quadrilemma of scalability, security, decentralization, and regulation. It provides a scalable blockchain that meets compliance and regulatory requirements. Concordium's protocol-level ID ensures that every wallet is associated with a real-world identity, verified through a third-party ID provider. In addition, users maintain privacy via zero-knowledge proof.

Institutions have not readily embraced DeFi thus far because of the “wild west” pseudonymous nature of the entire ecosystem. Concordex changes this by providing a DEX that fulfills both protocol and compliance requirements. 

Leaning on our decades of trading experience before the inception of cryptocurrency, we apply a best-in-class implied prices calculator to support smart order routing.

Bringing Margin Trading To DeFi

One of the main goals of Concordex was to provide institutions access to a DeFi protocol that’s capable of Perps, Futures, and Options on-chain. Concordex creates a lending market that will fully support on-chain leveraged trades to support perp trading on Concordium blockchain.

Concordex also allows desktop-based multi-sig wallets, which helps institutions to participate in the DEX with an added layer of security for their assets. Concordex offers contracted liquidity, which has several advantages like low fees and fast trade execution due to the large amounts of capital provided by a small number of liquidity providers. With single-sided orders, LPs can provide liquidity for one token and earn yield.

Concordex has been designed to be the ideal gateway to DeFi for institutional investors.

Note: Tacans has been contracted as the software developer for the Concordex project. We remain dedicated to offering ad-hoc technical support to ensure the project's success.

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