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Hypery brings back ownership to artists and fans by leveraging blockchain and NFT technology.

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What is

Hypery is a new music platform that brings back ownership to artists and fans in a fair & transparent way leveraging blockchain and NFT technology.

It’s a music platform that brings a better way to create and consume music through:

Transparent Revenue Distribution

At Hypery, artists are able to sell their music and collectibles as an NFT for a fair price with immediate payout collecting royalties on every subsequent sale of the same NFT.

NFT Marketplace

Marketplace for music, digital merchandise, royalty share, and digital representation of physical goods through NFTs where artists are free to set the price as they wish. Fans can buy, interact with their NFTs and resell as they wish.

Community Ownership

Unlike the usual, SoMe platforms, at Hypery artists own their respective communities. Due to blockchain technology they can take the community they’re built on Hypery with them even if they decide to leave it.

Legal Foundation

Solid legal foundation appreciating every music stakeholder from copyright collecting associations, publishers, master owners, etc., and a cutting edge artists identity verification process, making Hypery a scam-free platform.

Note: Tacans is an early investor in Hypery.

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