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Provenance Tags is a next-generation blockchain platform that revolutionizes product authentication and tracking.

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What is
Provenance Tags

The New Standard in Product Identity

Provenance Tags is a next-generation blockchain authentication and tracking platform built on the Concordium blockchain.

The company’s main focus areas are:

  • Product identity
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Customer engagement
  • Track and trace solutions

Revolutionizing Product Authentication and Tracking

Provenance Tags allows physical products to be linked with digital tags, which can be scanned using a smartphone to instantly access a wealth of information. The platform offers robust features such as verifying the product’s authenticity, in addition to location tracking, notes, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.

The platform’s cutting-edge suite of features allow companies to not only prevent counterfeit products, but also engage customers like never before. By leveraging all of the benefits offered by blockchain technology, the company aims to safeguard brands and their products.

Note: Tacans is an early investor in Provenance Tags.

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