Tacans Labs Set To Launch Two Revolutionary DEXes During Consensus 2023

Press release
April 17, 2023

Tacans Labs, the DeFi venture builder arm of Tacans, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of two of its key decentralized trading platforms during Consensus 2023, which is set to be held in Austin, Texas, between the 26th and 28th of April.

Building Scalable Infrastructure That Will Enhance The DeFi Experience

Tacans was founded in 2021 and has assembled a team of industry veterans to lead the development of its platforms. Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, an award-winning tech entrepreneur, co-founded the company and currently leads the company as CEO. He is joined by James Davies as CPO. Davies is a TradFi and crypto veteran with over 25 years of executive experience, including as CFO at Crypterium, CIO at CoinDirect, Group COO & Chairman at London Derivatives Exchange and more.

Nielsen and Davies are joined by Ivan Ivashchenko as CTO, he is the former Chief Architect at Bitfury and former developer of the Exonum blockchain, with a strong background in cryptographic and blockchain protocols, consensus algorithms, fault-tolerance distributed systems and more. The team is rounded out by Marie Tatibouet as CMO, she is the former CMO at leading crypto exchange Gate.io with over a decade of experience building and executing robust, scalable marketing strategies.

“Tacans was founded with a vision to build and invest in the infrastructure of the future. For months the team has been hard at work developing these platforms that will enhance the DeFi experience for both novice and professional investors. We are developing a radically different suite of tools that will bring together some of the most popular products and features in TradFi and DeFi,” said Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, founder and CEO of Tacans.

“With Veax and DX25, the Tacans Labs team has worked hard on creating a robust product offering for the NEAR and MultiversX ecosystems. We have developed two unique platforms that offer a comprehensive suite of trading tools, without overcomplicating the user experience. Some of the features that we will introduce later in the year will completely reshape the way we look at DeFi, especially our real on-chain derivatives,” said James Davies, CPO of Tacans Labs.

“We have assembled a strong team of highly competent blockchain developers that have built a series of feature-rich trading solutions, solving complex problems. Throughout the next few months, their commitment and dedication over the last few months will start to bear fruits and show how we have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the DeFi ecosystem,” said Ivan Ivashchenko, CTO of Tacans Labs.

“Over the last few months we have seen a lot of excitement from the crypto community as well as industry partners on the platforms we have been developing. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the products we have shown off so far, which reaffirms Tacans’ commitment to excellence, without sacrificing the overall user experience. With the bull market slowly returning, it’s the ideal time for us to launch some fresh new trading tools that empower the communities they’ve been built for,” said Marie Tatibouet, CMO of Tacans Labs.

Tacans Labs currently has a total of six platforms under development, besides Veax on NEAR Protocol and DX25 on the MultiversX blockchain, the company is also developing Concordex, the first decentralized exchange built on the Concordium blockchain. Concordium is a public layer-1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer, a form of private, embedded KYC. Three other projects are currently under stealth development and will be introduced later in the year.

Veax - An Advanced Single-Sided Liquidity DEX Built on NEAR Protocol

Veax is the company’s first project, an advanced single-sided liquidity DEX built on NEAR Protocol with a robust set of features including advanced liquidity management and a simplified user interface. The platform launched its testnet at the end of January and has since seen a surge in interest, with over 12,000 users trying out its testnet with nearly 2 million native NEAR transactions taking place on the platform.

The company has partnered with several players in the NEAR ecosystem including SeatlabNFT, a NEAR-based NFT ticketing platform, and Meta Pool, a NEAR-based liquid staking solutions provider. Veax is set to officially launch its mainnet on the 27th of April.

"We're very impressed with the activity Veax testnet has generated and we're looking forward to the release live at Consensus" - Kendall Cole at Proximity Labs

DX25 - A Powerful Suite of DeFi Tools on MultiversX

DX25 is the company’s second project, a powerful new suite of DeFi tools catering to the MultiversX ecosystem. The platform is set to offer a comprehensive suite of DeFi tools such as advanced liquidity management with flexible fee levels, as well as a simplified user interface. In early March, DX25 raised $750k in seed funding to develop its platform.

The company also plans to introduce adaptable exchange pools, concentrated liquidity and real on-chain derivatives trading, the first of its kind in the crypto industry. DX25 is partnering with Entity Finance and may be the first project to launch on their upcoming Entity Launchpad. DX25 is set to launch its public testnet on the 25th of April.

About Tacans

Tacans is a Web3 investor and builder with offices in Switzerland and Ukraine, it was founded in 2021 by Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, an award-winning Danish entrepreneur, and Lars Seier Christensen, the founder of Saxo Bank and the Concordium blockchain. Through Tacans Labs, the company has been developing scalable decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms with a team of over 70 staff members.

For more information, please visit www.tacans.com