DX25 Labs Launches Its MultiversX-based DEX On Public Testnet

Press release
May 3, 2023

DX25 Labs has officially launched the public testnet for its powerful new decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the MultiversX blockchain ecosystem. The platform is set to introduce a robust set of DeFi tools aimed at both individual and institutional traders in the MultiversX ecosystem.

After announcing that the company had raised $750k in seed funding in early March, DX25 has officially launched its public testnet which will offer users the opportunity to try out some of the features the platform offers. DX25 aims to bridge the divide between TradFi and DeFi with a comprehensive suite of products tailored to both novice and professional traders in the MultiversX ecosystem.

“Over the last few months our team has worked tirelessly on preparing DX25 for launch. The public testnet will give users a glimpse into what we have planned for the platform as we prepare to launch a comprehensive suite of trading features throughout the course of 2023 and beyond. We’ve set out to build a powerful new trading platform for the MultiversX ecosystem that offers a robust set of features without overcomplicating the overall user experience,” said James Davies, Chief Product Officer of DX25 Labs.

DX25 was developed by Tacans Labs, the DeFi builder arm of Switzerland based Tacans AG, with a team of over 40 staff dedicated to developing and marketing the platform. The public testnet will offer users the ability to try out some of its features such as swapping and the creation of liquidity pools that make use of its concentrated liquidity and multiple fee levels.

Together with the launch of its public testnet, the company has announced a rewards program aimed at incentivising early users of the public testnet. DX25 has allocated a total of 100,000 USD worth of $DX25 tokens for its rewards program, which will require users to actively use and promote the platform.

‍About DX25 Labs

‍DX25 is a feature-rich decentralized trading platform built on the carbon neutral MultiversX blockchain. Its combination of DeFi and TradFi features sets it apart in a sea of similar DEXes. The platform is developed by Tacans Labs and has raised $750k in seed funding from private investors active in the DeFi space. The leadership team includes award-winning entrepreneur, Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, and industry veterans, James Davies, Ivan Ivaschenko, and Marie Tatibouet.

For more information, visit www.dx25.com

‍About Tacans Labs‍

Co-founded by Danish entrepreneurs Lars Seier Christensen, founder of Saxo Bank and Concordium blockchain, and Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, an award-winning serial entrepreneur with multiple tech ventures, Tacans Labs is the DeFi arm of Tacans; a web3 venture builder invested in the future economy of blockchain by building, funding and acquiring cutting-edge Web3 companies. Started in 2021, the group’s portfolio comprises of seven Web3 companies across multiple sectors with a combined valuation of $63M+.

For more information, please visit www.tacans.com